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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Promarker Storage

As I am going to be away on holiday I thought I would leave daily posts of either a favourite card that I have made in the past or a tutorial.  I hope you will pop back each day to have a look.

When I get back there will be blog candy up for grabs so don't miss your chance crafters!

As crafters we are all looking for good ideas and I picked this one up from fellow crafter Paula (although I think she may have got it from elsewhere too).

For those of you that love your Promarkers and are looking for the right storage, look no further - I think this is a great idea, hope you do too!  The shelves are empty DVD cases which can be picked up from the Pound Store/Poundland at £1 for 6.

The storage unit comes from Ikea and is for DVD's and costs £8.16 (current price as at March 2011), but with some clever crafting it can be converted into storage for your Promarkers.  Here's a close up of the divider and the colour chart DVD insert:

Paula did send me a template for the DVD inserts, but I have amended this slightly to fit in with the dividers I have made for mine (as I don't have all the Promarker pens and they kept rolling about).  I have got the templates for the DVD inserts and the dividers if anyone is  interested - just give me a shout.

Happy crafting xx


  1. This is fantastic!! I'd love to have the templates.

    1. Darla if you email me at the address in the right hand side bar I'll gladly send them to you.

      xx Sazzle xx

  2. Hi sazzle! This is fantastic, I have emailed you about the templates but I haven't heard anything :-( My email address is haleycartwright@hotmail.co.uk just incase you havent recieved it



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