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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Double Easel Card Tutorial

As I am going to be away on holiday I thought I would leave daily posts of either a favourite card that I have made in the past or a tutorial.  I hope you will pop back each day to have a look.

When I get back there will be blog candy up for grabs so don't miss your chance crafters!

This is a tutoral for a double easel card:

1)  Fold the short edge of an A4 peice of card at 10cm to form a DL shape.  Cut off the excess.

2)  Mark the centre position on the short edge and cut up to the centre fold.

3)  Score and fold from the centre point on the spine to the outside corner, forming a diagonal line.

4)  This is how the card should look.

5)  Decorate your card.

I hope this tutorial has been useful and you can now create your own card in this design.

Happy crafting xx

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