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Thursday, 9 January 2014

May all your dreams come true...

Hi de hi crafters

I've just finished my first full week back at work after the Christmas and New Year break and of course my fortnights holiday before that. So I've come back down to earth with a huge bump.  I'd forgotten that there were two 6 o'clocks in a day, but have been reminded of it this last week with the alarm going off at 6am.  Never mind it all goes towards the next holiday so it won't be long before the brochures come out and we start planning our next adventure.

My card today is using the outside mask from the Paris skyline which was shown on Create and Craft last weekend.  This enables you to create a silhouette of the skyline and then using a piece of copy paper and a make up sponge create the illusion of depth with shadows at the edges of each building.

I achieved the reflection by placing the mask onto my splodgemat and running over it with the brayer loaded with espresso ink, then pressing the card onto the splodgemat to pick up the ink.  Move it to your card matching this up with the reflection, re-ink your brayer and run over the mask again.  You should have the perfect mirror image with the reflection slightly faded.

For the clouds you can create these out of a piece of paper or easier still you can use the Clarity cloud mask and after strategically placing your sun in place and using a make up sponge, gently drag the colour onto your card.  Remember you can always add it but you can't take it away.  You can almost hear Barbara saying that can't you?

The water effect requires a brayer and a scrunched up piece of copy paper.  Load your brayer with stonewashed adirondack ink, run it over your scrunched up paper and it will pick up the pattern from the paper.  Place your sun mask in place in it's mirror image and run the brayer over your card once. Don't keep running over the card or you will lose the effect, and voila you have your rippled water.

Now all you have to do is add your sentiment...

Materials used:
Mask - clouds
Adirondack ink - stonewashed, espresso & sunshine yellow

I hope you have fun with the techniques above and playing with your new masks, stencils and stamps if you ordered them at the weekend.

xx Happy crafting and Clarity hugs xx


  1. Beautiful Sazzle - I hope all your dreams come true too! xxx

  2. Hi hun, love your card! fabulous!

  3. This is beautiful. I must try using my masks to create a reflection - I've used stamps in this way but hadn't thought about using masks. Thank you for sharing the idea.

  4. Hi Sazzle, love your card and thank you for the tips about reflections...looking forward to playing with all the new masks ...have a great weekend,,,,,x

  5. Wow this is stunning really need to do reflections but always a big scaridy cat when I try to do things without supervision lol , so thank you for sharing. Love Alison xx

  6. I really love this - might need to do something like this after I have been to your February workshop


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